Careers in Sociology

This course is designed to help Sociology students expand awareness of their interests, needs and skills to make deliberate career choices.  Through interactive lessons and guest lectures, the course provides students with an opportunity to learn about the many components that go into making effective career decisions and the diversity of career options for Sociology majors.


“This has been one of the best classes I have taken at UCLA thus far. It has given me so many practical skills for the real world and I feel much more prepared for what is to come after graduation. Every one of our guest speakers gave us a bit of knowledge to walk away with and I’m sure I will constantly refer back to the notes and assignments for this class even after I leave UCLA.”

“This class was so great, it really helped me figure out what I wanted to do after graduation and prepared me for the industry I want to get into.”

“This class helped me turn my unsure musings about my future into a set plan to achieve new goals.”


“Thank you for the warm welcome and the opportunity to come and share my UCLA experience with students of the next generation.  I really enjoyed it.”

“I had an absolute blast talking about the intersection between sociology and LinkedIn – you have some very talented students on your hands.”

“I truly enjoyed visiting with the students. This is a wonderful program that is so appreciated and needed by the students.”

Panel of alumni in front of class of students


Joanne Danganan ’10, Associate Director of Public Policy and Membership for Central City Association
Cara Davidoff ’08, Manager of Strategic Initiatives, OCTANe
Soleil Delgadillo ’09, Volunteer and Community Engagement Specialist, Children’s Institute Inc.
Eric Deutsch ’86 – SVP New Business and Product Development at Guthy-Renker
Alan Gottlieb ’76 – President at Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.
Stew Heathcote ’91, SVP of Global Partnerships at AEG
Ivan Huizar ’16, Case Manager at Southern California Alcohol and Drug Programs Inc
Gavin Kane ’17, Administrative Support Assistant at CSU Fullerton
Ani Khrimyan ’15, Executive Assistant at Magical Elves, Inc.
Clinton O’Grady ’15, Learning Support Coordinator at EY
Naibe Reynoso ’95 – Journalist, Reporter, Host and Producer
Trevor Roth ’96 – Executive Producer of Star Trek Discovery
Joe Scheuermann ’94, Chief Marketing Officer at GitLab

Alumna speaking to group of students

You might be interested in this course if you are:

  • A Sociology student
  • A first generation student
  • A transfer student
  • A student living off campus
  • An AAP student
  • A student athlete

Contact your academic advisor for information on enrolling in Sociology 131.

Alumni answering questions from a group of students

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