Bruin Development Academy



For students interested in biopharma and biotech, this Bruin Development Academy offers students the opportunity to gain exposure to the pharmaceutical industry as well as the variety of professional careers that are involved in moving drug discovery from ‘bench to bedside’. Professionals from the pharmaceutical industry are hosted each week targeting a specific aspect of the process and professional skills required to succeed in this industry.

Past speakers have included:

  • Jed Chatterton ’84, PhD ’91 (Scientist, Navigant)
  • Eric Gschweng, PhD ’15 (Scientist, Kite Pharma)
  • Kim Le ’01, MS ’04 (Scientist, Amgen)
  • Christopher Tan, PhD (Scientist, Amgen)
  • David Truong ’02, PharmD, MS (Global Regulatory Affairs, Tiva Pharmaceuticals)
  • Jason Kerr ’14, MS (Regulatory Science, Shire Pharmaceutical)
  • Minell Karimi (Regulatory Affairs Associate, Amgen)
  • Susan Nakayama ’90, PA (Clinical Operations/Clinical Trials)
  • Lisa Tang ’07 (Sales Representative, Eli Lily Pharmaceuticals)
  • Carlyn Crisostomo ’06, MBA ’14 (Strategy and Innovation, Amgen)
  • Janice Ahn ’05, PhD (Medical Science Writer, Amgen)


This academy course is a unique, hands-on program designed for UCLA students interested in consulting. Course topics focus on strengthening students’ critical thinking, problem solving, communication skills, writing techniques and other consulting-specific skills to provide them with a more comprehensive academic and applied skill set. Consulting professionals share their experiences and professional advice in an effort to help students gain the exposure to the professional skills required to succeed in entry-level positions in one of the most sought after industries.

Past speakers have included:

  • Ayyub Bokhari (Associate, Mercer)
  • Jack Leonard (Senior Talent Analyst, Mercer)
  • Anne Nguyen, MPH (Project Manager, Cedars-Sinai)
  • Tom Seguine (Director of Special Projects, DaVita)
  • Paul Lee (Director of Finance, DaVita)
  • Paige Hosler (Senior Director, Revenue Operations, DaVita)
  • Max Cambras (Life Sciences Engagement Manger, L.E.K. Consulting)
  • Tiffany Le (Senior Associate Consultant, L.E.K. Consulting)
  • Jordan Myint (Associate Consultant, L.E.K. Consulting)


The Corporate Finance Bruin Development Academy is an intensive program taught by successful finance executives for UCLA students interested in pursuing a career in corporate finance. Topics have included financial statement analysis, valuation methods, business forecasting, and pricing among others. This program is designed to help students gain the skills they need to excel in this very competitive industry.

Past speakers have included:

  • Mitch Reback ’77 (Chief Financial Officer, Drybar)
  • John Lam (Competition and Strategy Controller, Intel)
  • Andrew Tinseth (VP of Internal Audit, Chief Audit Executive, Western Digital)
  • Michael C. Iracondo ’91 (CTP, Assistant Treasurer, The Clorox Company)
  • Vera Fair ’01 (Business Manager, The Boeing Company)
  • Vince Aguilar ’88 (Director of Business Management, Northrop Grumman Corporation)


The entertainment series introduces students to creative development, film financing, pre-production, casting, physical production, post-production, editing and many other paths along the way. Participants have the opportunity to network with successful executives to learn about their career paths and newly minted assistants who can provide direct advice on how to break into this industry.

Past speakers have included:

  • Caye Bohn ’12 (Sales Coordinator, Sony Pictures Entertainment)
  • Caty Zick ’10 (Assistant to Micahel Rauch & Andrew Lenchewski)
  • Yvonne Ly ’10 (Assistant, Columbia Pictures)
  • Nishika Kumble ’13 (Executive Assistant, 26 Keys Productions)
  • Leslie Siebert (Senior Managing Partner, Gersh Agency)
  • Joannie Burstein (President, The Burstein Company)
  • Nicole Starr (Director, Participant Media)
  • Trisha Cardoso ’87 (Executive Vice President, Showtime Network Inc.)
  • Andrew Lenchewski ’88 (Executive Producer)
  • Harry Shearer ’64 (Actor, Writer, Comedian)
  • Norm Aladjem ’81 (President, Levity Entertainment)
  • David Neuman ’83 (President, Blackrock Productions)
  • Harold Lewis ’05 (CEO & Founder, Pitch2me & Filmbankers Internationl LLC)


For students considering a future career in the legal field, the Bruin Development Academy on Law offers workshops introducing students to industry professionals who share their advice on what it takes to succeed in the competitive legal field. From applying to law school to securing internships to becoming a leader in the legal industry, this series aims at getting students started on the right path towards a successful legal career.

Past speakers have included:

  • Kendra Carney ’04, JD (Office of City Attorney)
  • Allison Hardgrove, JD (Staff Attorney, Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers)
  • Julie Holden, JD ’10 (Legal Counsel, Wedgewood)
  • Brian Li-A-Ping (JD Candidate, UCLA School of Law)
  • Dietrick Miller, MA, JD ’12 (Attorney, TroyGould Attorneys)
  • William J. Bernfeld ’75, JD (K&L Gates)
  • Mona Ehrenreich ’83, JD (Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Holland America Group)
  • James L. Hsu ’91, JD ’94 (Partner, Squire Patton Boggs, LLP)
  • Chauncey Swalwell ’86, JD (Partner, Real Estate Capital Markets Group)
  • Steve Zipperstein ’79, JD (Chief Legal Counsel, BlackBerry Limited)
  • Marchelle Bailey, JD (United States Small Business Administration)
  • Matthew Barragan ’08, JD (Staff Attorney, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund)
  • Priscila Castillo Kasha ’92, JD ’95 (DWP Power Legal Practice Group)
  • Robert Klepta, JD (Attorney, US District Court)
  • Danae McElroy, JD ’09 (Assistant Director of Admissions, UCLA School of Law)
  • Chloe Reid, JD (Chief Admission Officer, USC School of Law)
  • Jannell Lundy Roberts, JD (Assistant Dean for Admissions, Loyola Law School)
  • Bruce M. Smiley ’71, JD (Founding Partner, Freeman, Freeman, & Smiley)
  • Jack Paul ’50, JD (Attorney, Jack Paul Law Office)
  • Catherine Coleman, JD (Associate Professor of Lawyering Skills and Director of Academic Support, USC School of Law)
  • Julian Bailey ’71, JD ’74 (Judge, Orange County Superior Court)
  • Alexandra Joseph (JD Candidate, UCLA School of Law)
  • Allen Secretov ’10, JD ’14 (Commercial Litigation, Arnold and Porter LLP)
  • Sandra Barrientos, JD ’92 (Attorney, Attorney General’s Office)
  • Mark Baer ’87, JD (Mark B. Baer, Inc.)
  • Russell Morse ’01, JD (Truman & Elliott, LLP)
  • David Kirschner, JD (Associate Dean and Dean of Admissions, USC School of Law)
  • Jannell Roberts, JD (Admissions Officer, Layola Law School)
  • Danae McElroy, JD ’09 (Director of Admissions, UCLA School of Law)
  • Brian Li-A-Ping, JD ’16 (UCLA School of Law Alumnus)
  • Alex Ruiz, JD ’16 (UCLA School of Law Alumna)
  • Randi Brown, JD ’16 (UCLA School of Law Alumna)
  • Avis Ridley-Thomas ’96, JD ’99 (Judge, Orange County Superior Court)


The non-profit academy course provides skills training and exposure to the non-profit industries in a variety of cause areas. Students learn about the business of non-profit management, how to apply for non-profit internships/jobs, how to work with volunteers, the financial underpinnings of the non-profit industry, and how to develop a network of alumni supporters.

Past speakers have included:

  • Abigail Levine, PhD ’12  (Prostate Cancer Foundation)
  • Dewayne Walton ’99, MBA, JD (Blue Shield of California)
  • Nile El Wardani, PhD, MPhil, MPH (World Health Organization)
  • Sharon Sandow ’94, JD (American Red Cross)
  • Sylvia Munos, MA (Easter Seals Southern California)


For students interested in public health and the health sciences, the Bruin Development Academy on Public Health introduces students to professionals from a variety of public health backgrounds, working in a wide variety of fields. Students are given the opportunity to learn from the panelists about careers in the public health industry. Topics have included applying to public health programs, choosing the an area of public health that matches interest and experience, and thriving as a public health professional.

Past speakers have included:

  • Elizabeth Yzquierdo, EdD ’11, MPH (Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, FSPH, UCLA)
  • Karen Kim, JD, MPH (Legal Specialist/Attorney, LA Care Health Plan)
  • Anne Nguyen, MPH (Project Manager, Cedars Sinai)
  • Calvin Wong, MS (Hazardous Materials Specialist, UCLA)
  • Kristin Cook, MPH ’00 (Director of Public Safety, City of West Hollywood)
  • Sylvia Estafan, MPH ’07 (Project Coordinator II | CHLA, Hemostasis and Thrombosis Center)
  • Patrick Errett ’89 (Directory of Training Services, LAFD)
  • Grace Tan ’01, MPH (Health Program Analyst, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health)
  • Jenna Arzinger, MPH ’14 (Project Manager, UCLA Department of Medicine)
  • Caitlin Beck, MPH ’05 (Executive Director, Women’s & Children’s Services, UCLA Health)
  • Karen Roque, MPH ’14 (Title X Program Manager, UCLA Ob/Gyn Clinic)
  • Marika Booth, MS ’98 (Statistical Analyst, Rand Corporation)


This academy course is designed to help undergraduate students learn how to assume creative ownership over the design of their career pathway. Students learn how to craft a meaningful career objectives that seek to blend their academic interests and career aspirations in a very intentional way. Panelists have consisted of Forbes 30 Under 30 awardees who share their experience applying the concepts taught in lecture as well as provide guidance on how to best execute key strategies for breakaway success at the start of one’s career.

Past speakers have included:

  • Om Marwah ’12 (Head of Behavioral Science, @WalmartLabs)
  • Jason Hreha (Applied Psychology and Product Leader)
  • Daniel Zolnikov (Politician, Marketer, and Adventurer)
  • Liz Kofman, PhD (Founder, Reset)
  • Derek Khanna (Political Commentator and Columnist)
  • Mat Morgan (Founder, ShotAbout)
  • Arteen Arabshahi (Senior Associate, Karlin Ventures)
  • Andrew Yakub (CEO, Rayton Solar)
  • Kate Worthey (Senior Manager of Innovation, Anheuser-Busch)
  • Alex Banayan (Author and Venture Associate)
  • Tai Tran (Marketing Program Manager)
  • Jeff Sorensen (CEO, optiMize)
  • Jesse Dundon (CEO, Hathway)
  • Tom Leach (Founder and President, Media RED)
  • Alex Taylor (Vice President, Digital Strategy)
  • Keith Guerrette (Real-Time Effects Artist, Consultant, and Entrepreneur)
  • Adam Goldston, MBA ’97 (Founder, APL)
  • Brin Wong (CEO and Co-Founder, Kiip)
  • Molly Swenson (COO, CMO, and Co-Founder, RYOT)
  • Jeff Chen (Founder and Director, NICER)
  • Zachary Werner (CEO, Poln, Inc.)
  • Dan Palchak (Managing Partner, Brook Park Holdings)
  • Savannah Peterson (Director of Innovation Stategy, Speack Design)
  • Nandeet Mehta (Venture Capitalist, Associate Consultant, and Entrepreneur)
  • Dylan Gambardella (Entrepreneur)
  • Avi Gandhi (Digital Agent, William Morris Endeavor)
  • Tom Hogan (Chairman and CEO, Kony, Inc.)